Friday, June 14, 2013

The Birth of Eli, a Cesarean Birth After 3 Cesareans

Mary came to me desiring midwifery care, but knowing that because she was high risk, she could not ultimately deliver under my care. Wanting the personal care that midwifery care brings, she chose me as her midwife, knowing that I would ultimately turn into her doula for her repeat cesarean birth.

Mary's story is unique, and simply not one for me to tell. It is hers to tell and hopefully share with us someday. At the heart of the story is a mother who had previously experienced three cesarean births resulting in three sick babies- all, simply, born too soon...A cascade of the misuse of technology and intervention, and the foreverness of 'shoulda, coulda, wouldas.' Her previous experiences and her instincts told her that this baby simply needed more time.

Today, at 41+4 weeks, she gave birth via cesarean section to her 4th baby boy. Though this was her 4th c-section, it was a very different experience than her other births.

This is the photo story of her birth.

Filled with emotion, patiently waiting.

Her birth team.

That doctor of hers...
Happy Mary...
Matt joins us.
Baby Eli
Eli goes immediately over the drape and into his mother's hands.
Mary holds him for the very first time, before anyone else.


A perfectly designed pillow.
Eli opening his eyes for the first time...and seeing Mom and Dad.

Right where he should be. THIS is how it should be when cesareans are, gentle, respectful.


  1. God Bless you guys for allowing such a gentle c section for this Mom! After having a c section of my own after four vaginal births I know the heartache associated with the typical c sections. This is how all c sections should be. So wonderful! This brings tears to my eyes.

  2. A simply lovely birth, kudos to mama for advocating for what was important to her and thank you to the team that helped make it happen!

  3. Sweet! Showed pics on our unit to show it can be done.