Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Countdown Is On

The bank asked us for a 'profit and loss statement.' We looked at each other as if they were speaking Chinese. We've never had one of those. We get our bills, we pay them. We bill for the services we provide. At the end of the year, we send things off to our accountant and magically, wonderfully, our taxes get done. Profit and loss? Hmmm.

Now, we have indeed done a profit and loss statement and I'm thinking I would have been just fine not seeing it all laid out in front of me. Ignorance may indeed be bliss!

Is it December yet? But oh, I suppose the stress, excitement, and anticipation is all part of the whole 'life experience,' eh, so why rush it? I better try and soak up this crazy time for everything it is...for come December, it will be but a memory.

Things are moving along and in about 10 weeks Integrated Women's Wellness should be moving in to our new home. 10 weeks! I can't say I'm feeling real, raw excitement yet. It seems surreal. This project has taken so much time and effort that I'm beginning to have a love-hate relationship with it. There was a point, long ago, that I was excited at the prospect of one day picking out wall colors and stain colors and art and fixtures and stone. Now decision-making feels like a full-time job in itself because the decisions seem to be continual. I'm not complaining. Just laughing at the irony of it. ;)

But with that said- today Glen and I made one of the best choices yet for the new space- we found a sleek, beautiful, leather sofa that pulls out to a queen-size bed. I find that amusing. To heck with the wall colors and fixtures! We care about sleep! Even between appointments or during lunch...we need a place to relax! A queen size bed to lay on...heaven! (Can you tell we are a doctor and a midwife?)

I'm excited about my sofa.

And well, perhaps a bit excited that the countdown is on...