Monday, July 21, 2014

Baby, Bloom, and Beyond

We don’t usually update this blog with events of our life- specifically, our personal life and daily adventures, but I thought it would be a nice change to give such an update. Life has been busy, with a lot of excitement and good around us!

The weather in Alaska has been beautiful- mostly warm days and not too much rain. With our long, sunny and mild days, it leaves the world buzzing. We have our work days but still seem to have plenty of time to enjoy our “down time.” Parades, festivals, markets, fishing, outside lunches at our local brewhouse, and the various classes and meet-ups that we have at our office have left us busy and enjoying our summer.

 I’m now 31 weeks pregnant and feeling excited about the upcoming addition to our family. This baby boy has yet to get a name, but I’m sure that will come in time. Afterall, I have yet to meet a person with no name. ;) We have been blessed so far to have had a healthy and uneventful pregnancy and have enjoyed having a midwife for our prenatal care, including the home visits that she does for us. It’s been amazing for us to see how much Adria (our 2 year old) has really seemed to understand. She certainly seems to understand that a baby is growing inside of me and that we will soon have a baby join us, to feed and to care for. Though it’s been awhile since she herself nursed, she seems to be familiar with the idea that mom will be breastfeeding the new baby, as shown by her demonstrations. Perhaps it’s a testament to her exposure of pregnant and nursing women that she sees in the office.

 As for birth, we are looking forward to another homebirth, in the company of our midwife, Peggy, the bigger kids (minus Candice who will still be finishing up the Fall semester), and our two other support people- my cousin Melissa, and our friend Mary. I can’t honestly say that I look forward to the challenge that labor brings (yes, even if it is my 4th time around, it’s still the biggest challenge!), but I do take comfort in knowing that I’ll be surrounded by these very special people.

 Last week we celebrated a milestone for our practice- the beginning of offering medical spa services. Glen has wanted to venture into medical esthetics for some time now, but with being a solo practitioner for so long and focusing on building the practice, there was little extra time to focus on anything else. Now, with various changes in our practice and in life in general, now was the time. It has been such an interesting and fun time to develop this aspect of the practice, and one I’m happy to see become a reality- for Glen as well as for the women who will utilize it. You can check out to see the listing of services.

 When this practice was a fledging practice and when we first began planning the building we are now in, we envisioned that it would be a mecca for women- a place for health and wellness, encompassing preventative care, treatment, education, beauty, and other complimentary services. We still have so much that we envision, but to think that much of what was only a vision 3 years ago is now a reality, is a beautiful thing.

June 2012- the view from our property, which had yet to be cleared.

July 2013

The open house for Bloom, the Medical Spa at Integrated Women’s Wellness, was a huge success. HUGE. So many women from our community came out to enjoy a night out and learn about the services that the medical spa is offering. Even though technically us and our staff were working, we all truly had fun. We dressed up, ate, drank, got to show off our Integrated Women’s Wellness home, and talk about esthetics. In just two short hours, we booked about $10,000 in services. Amazing to me, because in the back of my mind I always wondered how successful a medical spa would be in Alaska. Afterall, we are not in San Diego or Los Angeles! It’s a bit of a different climate...literally and figuratively. At the end of the day, however, Californian or Alaskan, women are women, and to feel good on the inside as well as the out seems to be universal. While to be financially successful is of desire and benefit to us, at the end of the day, the most satisfaction comes from offering a service that will make a difference in the lives of women…and to be the best at doing so. ;) This concept is a cornerstone of Integrated Women’s Wellness.


So, what’s next? We will continue to build up the esthetic aspect of the practice, continue to add various classes to our class offerings, countdown the days until we meet our new baby, prepare for our upcoming birth center inspection, host a Betula Baby table at the Alaska State Fair, and bid farewell to Dr. Wayman as she relocates back home, at the end of next month. In September I’ll celebrate my two year anniversary of being a licensed midwife. I have several repeat clients right now, and to have the experience of being a woman’s midwife throughout more than one pregnancy is truly special.

There is plenty to come- both personally and professionally- and we are excited about it all!