Sunday, February 17, 2013

Our Trip is a Reality (Also: Updated Supply List)

Our trip to Haiti with Midwives for Haiti is a mere 6 weeks away and feeling very "real!" There are moments that I am so very excited for the experiences our trip will bring...and then there are moments (usually immediately proceeding my moment of excitement) where I am filled with fear and apprehension and asking myself, "What the HELL am I doing?!" 
My fear comes from both the unknown, as well as the known- I know (as in, I can understand) what the reality of Haiti is...the difficulties that exist in Haiti. But I do not know what to expect of our stay and what our place will be- what will our daily routine consist of? Will Glen and I be working together? Or separated? Will we be "on-call?" How often? Will we be able to call home and talk to the kids?
I worry about Glen being in the heat (our first date was at the San Diego Zoo in July. He  reminded me of a melting snowman...Only he was dripping sweat. Not. Attractive. I'm still amazed that he got a second date after that).
I worry about getting sick from the water or the food. 
I worry about our safety.
This is what I mean about fear of the unknown. I suppose everyone's first trip to Haiti has a lot of unknowns. Perhaps someday we will be seasoned travellers to Haiti and will know the ropes!

As the excitement and the nervousness and the anticipation begin, we are beginning to collect our supplies and prepare our bags for what we will take. We will have 4 bags (50 lbs. each) to bring along. We are calling on our friends and family and community to help us fill these bags with much needed supplies, which will help us while we work there, help train midwives, and ultimately, improve birth outcomes for women and babies.

Here is a list of needed supplies (excluding prescription medications and instruments, which we hope to purchase through our medical supply company, with donations we receive):

Gloves (both sterile and non-sterile)
Alcohol wipes
Alcohol (rubbing)
Antibacterial soap
Hand sanitizer
Head lamps 
Blood pressure cuffs
Baby scale
Prenatal vitamins
Iron supplements
Antacids (e.g.Tums)
Lubricant (KY or surgilube)
Protective eye wear
Cleaning Solution for floors and instruments
Gauze 4x4s
Plastic saran wrap
9V batteries and 3V batteries
Ziplock bags: snack, quart, and gallon sized
Drink mixes 
Lighter (the long, hand-held one) 
Wash Cloths and towels
Dish Rags
HP #60 Black ink cartridges
Double-sided Tape 
Clear Plastic Shower Curtain Liners
Removable Wall Hooks (for hanging towels, etc.)
Baby: blankets, onesies, hats, cloth diapers (hand washable)
Baby bottles & formula
Hand breast pumps
Snacks: granola bars, brownie mix, trail mix, dried fruit, tea bags, CHOCOLATE
Plastic Sheet Protectors 
Duct tape 
Watches with minute & second hands (for the students!)
Fanny packs (for the students!)