Saturday, August 1, 2015

Haiti 2015: How Can You Help?

Glen and I will be leaving for Haiti in 7 short weeks, and are in need of your support! Our trip to Haiti is one we look forward to but seems to financially add up so quickly for us...the snacks, medical supplies, airfare, the cost of checking our baggage and the cost of volunteer accommodations with Midwives for Haiti. It is something we are able to do, but not without challenge.

So we ask...
Are you able to help? In the next few weeks we will have various ways we will ask for your help and support. 

One of my favorite gifts to take to Haiti has become what I call "Newborn Gift Packs." The packs are ziplock freezer bags which typically consist of a newborn onesie, pair of socks, hat, light blanket, cloth diaper, and cloth pad for Mom. (Note: The cloth diaper and cloth pad do not need to be anything expensive, but even just a thick, absorbent fabric such as cotton or flannel.)
These gift packs have been handed out at mobile clinics throughout Haiti as a way to encourage moms to keep returning for prenatal care. Glen and I have also kept some on hand when we work shifts at the hospital. Inevitably, there are moms who have no clean sheet to deliver on, nor anything for their new babies. 

If you are interested in making some "Newborn Gift Packs," please message me. We will be collecting them, as well as additional supplies, up until September 16th. 
Items do not need to be brand new, but simply in clean, like-new condition. 

If you are interested in purchasing clothing items to be put into gift packs, all L'oved Baby clothing items which are purchased for this cause will be 50% off at Betula Baby (the baby boutique located inside Integrated Women's Wellness & Center for Birth). Simply let us know that your purchase will be donated to our Haiti 2015 trip, and all clothing items purchased for the trip will be 50% off. This would be a great and EASY way to help. If you do not have supplies or the time to put together gift packs, you can purchase items from Betula Baby that we will then put into gift packs and take with us to Haiti. 

Thank you, for whatever support you can give!

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