Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Birth of Aria- A Home Waterbirth

I met Ashley during my first year as a student midwife. She was one of my first "continuities,"- meaning, I saw her throughout her pregnancy and then saw her through her labor, birth, and postpartum period. As with most women and most births I have attended, I learned a lot from Ashley and having the privilege of attending the birth of her first born. We have quite fond memories of her labor with Ryder (most comically told through the storytelling of her mom, Jeffrey), and we can now laugh at the story of how she passed out cold on me (literally, on me...) while going to the bathroom. And through that special and exciting time, we made a connection. She took care of my children on occasion afterward. Glen and I attended her wedding. We kept in touch. Such is the beauty of midwifery care- Personal. Sometimes forever bonding.

I was thrilled when she told me she was pregnant again and wanted me to be her midwife. Just 2 days ago she gave birth to her 2nd baby, Aria.

Here are the photos, telling the story of her home waterbirth...

Laboring in the tub. Ashley was the first mom to use our new portable tub. When she got in for the first time she said, "Just so you know, this feels SO much better!"

Listening to heart tones as mom labors in the water.

Big brother Ryder was around for the entire labor. He got to see the normalcy of birth and what it looks like to see mom work hard, surrounded by her support team.

Laboring mom holding mom's hands.

Hard, strong, exhausting work!
All of the excitement wore the big brother out!

We all get to lay eyes on Aria for the first time.

I love all of the hands in this photo, welcoming beautiful Aria.

Hello sweet baby!

She had such a short cord!

So relaxed.


  1. Beautiful birth. Wish I could do home births. God bless

  2. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.