Saturday, June 27, 2015

Haiti 2015

It's official! Glen and I have set the date for our third trip to Haiti, in support of Midwives for Haiti. We will be in Haiti September 19th-26th.

As with our previous two trips, we need and value the support of our family, friends, and community. We appreciate all forms of support- encouraging words, prayer, monetary gifts to help purchase supplies, gifts of comfort items for ourselves to use while volunteering (hand sanitizer, snacks), medical supplies, and basic baby items made into gift packs to hand out during mobile clinic (well as for the families who come to the hospital with nothing) including: a onesie, hat, pair of socks, baby blanket, and cloth diaper.

The single most important factor in ensuring a safe birth for both mother and baby is having a access to care with a skilled birth attendant. While we struggle here in the United States with decreasing the rate of (unnecessary) intervention, there are women and babies dying due to that they do not have the most basic of intervention- a skilled birth attendant.

Please support us as we support Midwives for Haiti in their work to end preventable maternal and infant mortality. All donations may be brought to Integrated Women's Wellness & Center for Birth, now through September 14th. A list of specific needs will be posted and kept updated on a separate blog entry.

With Thankfulness,

Tara Elrod

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