Friday, March 6, 2015

Snake Oils: Not Just for Witch Doctors Anymore

As most anyone who follows me, reads this blog, or knows me personally is aware...I'm a midwife. No surprise, eh?! Perhaps your first clue would be the title of this blog...Or the hundreds of photos of beautiful new babes...Or my constant discussion of women's health, family-centered care, and of course, birth. Yes, I would go out on a limb and say it's a bit obvious that not only is being a midwife my "job," but it is my calling.

     I believe that God put me on this earth to be a midwife. During the busy days and long, sleepless nights, pedestaled on the sweet euphoria of welcoming new life, or entrenched in the gut-wrenching lows that birth and life encircle, one thing is certain- I am serving my purpose. When it's challenging, when I question if the sacrifices are worthy of the purpose, when I have doubt- I have continually found peace in my heart, telling me that yes, there is great purpose in what it is to be a midwife and to provide midwifery care. Afterall, what is more important in life than life, itself? How we are born matters. How we give birth matters. How we live, matters.

     I am a midwife. What I am not is a sales person.  For a long time, I have struggled with this very fact. What the heck am I talking about, you ask? What do these two professions have to do with eachother? Nothing, really. That there is my struggle.
In my life as a midwife- as well as a mother, and a wife, and a woman- it is my passion to live, educate, and promote healthy, natural living. Health and wellness, as well as illness, are directly connected to how we live and what we put in our bodies. A key component to wellness for me, and a passion of mine, is Young Living Essential Oils. I use them in my practice. I use them in my everyday life.
     Now- perhaps the above paragraph makes more sense. I'm not a salesperson, nor do I want to be perceived as such. Because of this, I have always been so mindful about talking about oils to my patients. No one likes feeling as though they are being sold anything.
And so oils quietly and unobtrusively sit on display for sale in my clinic. I use oils in my midwifery practice, answer questions about them as they are brought up, and host an occasional class...putting it out there...but not really.

     And then a few weeks ago I read a post that stopped me in my tracks and touched my heart. Yes, yes, YES, I nodded to myself, feeling as though the words on the facebook post could have been written specifically for me. This is a glimpse of it:

Fear of What Others Think

     This post spoke to my heart because, just like in my own situation, she speaks of believing in something that is so beneficial and so valuable, yet not being able to share it simply because of the fear of what other people think. The statement that sealed the deal and propelled me out of my shell:
"If they think that (that you are only trying to sell something), they must not really know you." Yes, Gordon...he is wise indeed! ;)
     The answer is: If anyone were to be offended or think I am simply trying to sell something, they truly must not know me. They must not be a patient of mine, or a friend. And so on that note...who cares? Further...if I were an herbalist and a midwife, would it not be appropriate for me to promote and sell my herbs? Indeed it would be.

     And so I am here to tell you that I love Young Living Essential Oils. I've done my research on these oils and this company and I stand behind both. The quality and purity of the oils and this business has gained me as a consumer- as a midwife and in my every day life. I use them. I sell them in my clinic.

     And with that- I leave you with some great short videos on what makes Young Living so special- their Seed to Seal site and videos. It says so much!:

    If you have any questions about Young Living Essential Oils or are interested in how you can learn more about using these powerful oils- for wellness, for healing, for replacing toxic household products, now you know that I would love to help you on your journey. From here on out, I plan on being more active with teaching- both one on one and offering community classes. Because, well, it's not flowy skirts, Birkenstocks, and "snake oils." ;-)
How we live (and what we use on our bodies and in our homes) MATTERS.