Wednesday, September 10, 2014

If These Walls Could Talk

If these walls could talk, perhaps they'd be speechless anyhow
they'd say it's sometimes all for nothing
the nods and smiles and pretense of love,
sometimes he's just bluffing

Growing bellies equate to growing life and not just cell division
tides changing, life enveloping
it's not all that was envisioned

If these walls could talk, they'd share of disintegrated love gushing out of red-rimmed eyes,
a life-full belly pushed against an empty heart,
a liar, a cheater, a leaver
his mind and body miles apart

If these walls could talk, they'd rejoice in happiness and victory,
victorious, glorious, ecstatic
not just a baby born, but a mother
oxytocin drenched, wholly climactic

If these walls could talk, what is it that they'd say
would they tell these stories justly
the excitement, the fear, the love, the betray?

Oh the stories...

Veins of flowing heroin, waking up beside death,
the sun shined bright but she was always in the dark
in the darkness of addiction
she was the prey, and the predator had its mark

A two vessel cord and a fall down the stairs
life is oh so fragile
living on our prayers

Warm midwife hands and a smile to the soul
These walls could tell of our laughs and our cries
You'll be ok...
don't you know?

If these walls could talk perhaps they'd imitate guttural moans in the night
grasping swaying rocking,
bone on bone in the dark, the most challenging mental fight

If these walls could talk, what is it that they'd say?
They'd share the life of a midwife- LIFE-
excitement, fear, love, and betray.

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