Thursday, March 21, 2013

Haiti Preparations

We are one week out from our departure to Haiti and are wrapping up our preparations for this monumental trip. It is so close! This life adventure and opportunity of service is a close reality! 

Earlier this week we began our series of oral Typhoid vaccine, and in the next few days we will need to begin the prescribed malaria prevention. Needless to say, I was (am) very hesitant with the idea of putting a foreign substance in my I am unfarmiliar with and honestly don't know much about. But with that said, having researched Haiti and the environment we will be living in, I know it is very much needed.

Within the last few weeks we have received an abundance of support from our community. Our friends, colleagues, and patients have come together to support us in all ways- through advice, words of encouragement, prayer, monetary donations, and donations of supplies for us to take on our trip, we have been showered with love and support. Slowly the donated supplies have trickled in and over and over again filled the box that has been sitting in our waiting room.

We have sent a formal letter, a verbal request, and several emails to our local hospital, asking for their support in the way of medical supply donation. As of today, we unfortunately have not heard back. While we only have a week remaining to collect these supplies, we hold on to hope that our community hospital will answer our request and fulfill this need to support us in our mission.

We have recently been made aware by the Medical Director of Midwives for Haiti that there is an URGENT need for the medications bupivicaine and lidocaine for spinal anesthesia. Obviously, for a busy hospital, this presents a dire situation. Again, the support of our hospital, or any other medical profesisonals who might have access to these medications and would like to donate, would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, we are continuing to get inquiries as to what is still most needed. Here is an updated supply list:

Bupivicaine and lidocaine
Anti-hemmorhagic medications (Cytotec, Pitocin, Methergine)
(Or Donations to help us purchase these items)

Gloves (both sterile and non-sterile)
Alcohol wipes
Alcohol (rubbing)
Antibacterial soap
Hand sanitizer
Head lamps 
Blood pressure cuffs
Baby scale
Prenatal vitamins
Iron supplements
Antacids (e.g.Tums)
 Lubricant (KY or surgilube)
Protective eye wear
Cleaning Solution for floors and instruments
Gauze 4x4s
Plastic saran wrap
9V batteries and 3V batteries
Ziplock bags: snack, quart, and gallon sized
Drink mixes 
Lighter (long, hand-held) 
Wash Cloths and towels
Dish Rags
HP #60 Black ink cartridges
Double-sided Tape 
Clear Plastic Shower Curtain Liners
Removable Wall Hooks (for hanging towels, etc.)
Baby: blankets, onesies, hats, cloth diapers (hand washable)
Baby bottles & formula
Plastic Sheet Protectors 
Hand breast pumps
Watches with minute & second hands (for the students)

Thank you to all of you who continue to support us. We look forward to sharing photos and stories of our journey with you!

Tara Elrod

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