Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Birth Center Waterbirth

This mom has graciously (and proudly!) given permission for us to share these birth photos with you. This was her 5th baby, and very first natural birth. After 4 hospital births (3 of which were elective inductions, and all with an epidural), she decided that she wanted something different. She looked back at her previous birth (her 4th baby) and realized that she had wanted to experience it without medications or an epidural, but simply chose to get an epidural at the last minute, out of fear... And so she would go on to deliver at a free-standing birth center, with I as her midwife, and Glen (her obstetrician!) as her birth photographer. It was a beautiful waterbirth!

Disclaimer:  This blog post contains photos of birth, and therefore has nudity. If you do not wish to see it, do not view this blog further. Consider yourself warned. : )

Laboring in the water, by candlelight.

Feeling the urge to push.

We proudly call this the "I am woman, hear me ROAR" picture.

"Reach down and feel your baby." What a difference it makes!

Mom feeling baby's head and in complete control.

5 minutes old.

Welcome, sweet baby girl!


  1. Absolutely....breathtaking. Birth as it should be.

  2. i agree, that was so amazing, so sweet, so perfect. welcome baby

  3. Wish we had those midwife-led free-standing birth centers in Finland. Such a beautiful water birth! <3